The Edward and Mary Lord Foundation is the legacy of Edward and Mary Lord, lifelong Norwich, CT residents. The Foundation was created in 1997 by Edward and Mary Lord as a part of their estate plan, and was funded in 2009 upon their deaths. It is a private, family foundation that provides charitable grants to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.

Edward Lord was a local businessman who owned and operated many local theaters, several manufacturing companies and a real estate development and ownership company. His wife Mary worked alongside him in all these endeavors, and together they built and sustained a successful life together. They were active philanthropists in the local community and made many contributions, both large and small, to religious, medical and educational charities.

When Edward and Mary died in 2009, both at the age of 98, and within five months of each other, the bulk of their assets were given to The Edward and Mary Lord Foundation. It was their intention that the Foundation carry on the philanthropic work that they had begun during their lifetimes.

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